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Anrei Medical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd
Rescue Pulmonary Grasping Forceps2021-04-29
Anrei Medical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Single Use Endoscope Valves Set2020-05-14

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U.S. Import Records [external site]
Import IDShipmentCargo DescriptionQuantity
2020092915992Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaSINGLE -USE GRASPING FORCEPS24 CTN
2020090129058Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaSINGLE -USE GRASPING FORCEPS32 CTN
202005235308Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaSINGLE -USE GRASPING FORCEPS109 CTN
202001168859Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaGRASPING FORCEP4 CTN
2019120313747Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaGRASPING FORCEP12 CTN
2019102226313Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaSINGLE-USE BIOPSY FORCEPS125 CTN
2019090919435Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaSINGLE -USE GRASPING FORCEPS87 PKG
2019053114559Shanghai ,China (Mainland) -> Savannah, GeorgiaSINGLE -USE GRASPING FORCEPS10 CTN

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