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This page includes the latest FDA filings for Sk Bioland Co L T D. Currently, you will find the latest 100 filings for Premarket Notifications, Premarket Applications, De Novo Applications, and GUDID registrations.

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FDA Filings

Sk Bioland Co., Ltd.

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U.S. Import Records [external site]
Import IDShipmentCargo DescriptionQuantity
2019040856328Pusan,South Korea -> Los Angeles, CaliforniaCOSMETIC5 PKG
2019031552223Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaCOSMETIC2 PKG
2018101633088Pusan,South Korea -> New York/Newark Area, Newark, New JerseySEA WATER1 PKG
2018082374183Pusan,South Korea -> Los Angeles, CaliforniaLIVER EXTRACTS2 PKG
2018053169662Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaAMINO ACIDS6 PKG
2018042018424Pusan,South Korea -> New York/Newark Area, Newark, New JerseyFOR COSMETIC USE ONLY4 PKG
2018030256080Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaBIO-SODIUM HYALURONATE POWDER3 PKG
2018012739282Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaFOR COSMETIC USE ONLY3 PKG

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