NDC 49502-393

Insulin Glargine

Insulin Glargine-yfgn

Insulin Glargine is a Subcutaneous Injection, Solution in the Human Prescription Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Mylan Specialty L.p.. The primary component is Insulin Glargine.

Product ID49502-393_f8cf3733-952d-4cf1-99ff-5ec7b7247f75
Product TypeHuman Prescription Drug
Proprietary NameInsulin Glargine
Generic NameInsulin Glargine-yfgn
Dosage FormInjection, Solution
Route of AdministrationSUBCUTANEOUS
Marketing Start Date2021-09-27
Marketing CategoryBLA /
Application NumberBLA761201
Labeler NameMylan Specialty L.P.
Active Ingredient Strength100 [iU]/mL
Pharm ClassesInsulin [CS],Insulin Analog [EPC]
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2022-12-31

Drug Details

NDC Crossover Matching brand name "Insulin Glargine" or generic name "Insulin Glargine-yfgn"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
0002-7715BASAGLARInsulin glargine
0002-8214BASAGLARInsulin glargine
0088-2220Lantusinsulin glargine
0088-2219Lantus Solostarinsulin glargine
0088-5020Lantus Solostarinsulin glargine
0024-5869TOUJEOinsulin glargine
0024-5871TOUJEO Maxinsulin glargine

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