NDC 69612-018

PSP Hydrogen peroxide 3 first aid antiseptic

Hydrogen Peroxide

PSP Hydrogen peroxide 3 first aid antiseptic is a Topical Solution in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Rw Consumer Products Ltd. The primary component is Hydrogen Peroxide.

Product ID69612-018_cba7191e-f71c-a204-e053-2a95a90a65a4
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary NamePSP Hydrogen peroxide 3 first aid antiseptic
Generic NameHydrogen Peroxide
Dosage FormSolution
Route of AdministrationTOPICAL
Marketing Start Date2021-10-01
Application Numberpart333A
Labeler NameRW Consumer Products Ltd
Active Ingredient Strength30 mg/mL
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2022-12-31


NDC 69612-018-01

1 BOTTLE, PLASTIC in 1 BOX (69612-018-01) > 500 mL in 1 BOTTLE, PLASTIC
Marketing Start Date2021-10-01
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

Drug Details

NDC Crossover Matching brand name "PSP Hydrogen peroxide 3 first aid antiseptic" or generic name "Hydrogen Peroxide"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
0924-0171First Aid Only Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide
0363-0267Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide
0363-0268Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide
0363-0871Hydrogen PeroxideHYDROGEN PEROXIDE
0404-0001Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide
0869-0871Hydrogen PeroxideHYDROGEN PEROXIDE
10202-001Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide
10565-001Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide
10733-800HYDROGEN PEROXIDEHydrogen Peroxide
11344-002Hydrogen PeroxideHYDROGEN PEROXIDE
0924-0932Hydrogen Peroxide AntisepticHydrogen Peroxide
10031-008MedPak Peroxide Oral RinseHYDROGEN PEROXIDE
10237-720Orajel Antiseptic Rinse for Mouth SoresHydrogen peroxide
10237-793Orajel Antiseptic Rinse for Mouth SoresHydrogen peroxide
0126-0083Peroxyl Mouth Sore Mild MintHydrogen Peroxide
0363-0085Sore Mouth CleanserHydrogen Peroxide
0869-0462Sore Mouth CleanserHydrogen Peroxide

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