ASTM F623 -99 (Reapproved 2013)

Standard Organization:

ASTM F623 -99 (Reapproved 2013)
Standard Performance Specification for Foley Catheter

Recognition Date2014-07-09
Recognition List036
Recognition Number9-44
Extent Complete standard
Standards Orgs ASTM ASTM International
STG ObGyn/Gastroenterology/Urology
FDA Tech  Tuan Nguyen   FDA/OMPT/CDRH/ODE/DRGUD/ULDB/   301-796-5174


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This performance specification establishes performance requirements for the short-term utilization of a single-use, balloon-retention catheter, French s 12 through 26 inclusive, used by the medical professions for providing a means of bladder drainage by means of the urethra. The product is manufactured in various s and materials such as latex, silicone, rubber, and various polymers (as well as combinations of these) and is provided nonsterile for sterilization and sterile for single use only. Catheters whose surface has been chemically treated to effect biocompatibility or microbial properties may be tested to this specification.

Code of Federal Regulations:

Regulation Number Device Name Device Class Product Code
§876.5130 Accessories, Catheter, G-U Class 2 KNY
§876.5130 Adaptor, Ureteral Catheter Class 1 EYI
§876.5130 Catheter Care Tray Class 2 OHR
§876.5130 Catheter, Coude Class 2 EZC
§876.5130 Catheter, Double Lumen Female Urethrographic Class 2 FGH
§876.5130 Catheter, Retention Type, Balloon Class 2 EZL
§876.5130 Catheter, Straight Class 2 EZD
§876.5130 Catheter, Upper Urinary Tract Class 2 EYC
§876.5130 Catheter, Ureteral Disposable (X-Ray) Class 2 FGF
§876.5130 Catheter, Ureteral, Gastro-Urology Class 2 EYB
§876.5130 Catheter, Ureteral, General & Plastic Surgery Class 2 GBL
§876.5130 Catheter, Urethral Class 2 GBM
§876.5130 Catheter, Urethrographic, Male Class 2 FGI
§876.5130 Catheter, Urological Class 2 KOD
§876.5130 Catheter, Urological (Antimicrobial) And Accessories Class 2 MJC
§876.5130 Connector, Ureteral Catheter Class 1 EYK
§876.5130 Holder, Ureteral Catheter Class 1 EYJ
§876.5130 Kit, Catheter, External, Male (Excludes Hiv Testing) Class 2 NWQ
§876.5130 Kit, Catheter, Foley (Excludes Hiv Testing) Class 2 NWR
§876.5130 Kit, Catheter, Urinary (Exludes Hiv Testing) Class 2 NWO
§876.5130 Stylet For Catheter, Gastro-Urology Class 1 EZB
§876.5130 Stylet, Ureteral Class 1 EYA
§876.5130 Tray, Catheterization, Sterile Urethral, With Or Without Catheter (Kit) Class 2 FCM

FDA Guidance:

Guidance for Content of Premarket Notifications for Conventional and Antimicrobial Foley Catheters, Issued prior to February 1997.

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