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FDA Registration(s)
Registration Number3010656400
FEI Number3010656400
NameGeorge Hattub
Owner & OperatorDiA Imaging Analysis Ltd
Contact Address77 HaEnergia Street
Be 'er Sheva IL-NOTA 8470912 IL
Official Correspondent
  • George Hattub
  • 972-777-648318-x
US Agent
Registration Status1
Initial ImporterN
Registration Expiration2020-04-25
Registration Address291 Hillside Ave
Somerset, MA 02726 US
Establishment TypeManufacture Medical Device

FDA Filings

DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd
LVivo Software Application2021-02-05
DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd
LVivo Software Application2020-06-23
George Hattub [DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd]
LVivo EF2014-01-01

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