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This page includes the latest FDA filings for Truabutment Inc. Currently, you will find the latest 100 filings for Premarket Notifications, Premarket Applications, De Novo Applications, and GUDID registrations.

Truabutment Inc holds import registrations or U.S. agent authorizations in conjunction with the following organizations:

FDA Registration(s)
Registration Number3012422693
FEI Number3012422693
Owner & OperatorTruAbutment Inc.
Contact Address17742 Cowan
Irvine CA 92614 US
Registration Status1
Initial ImporterY
Registration Expiration2020-04-25
Registration Address17742 Cowan
Irvine, CA 92614 US

FDA Filings

TruAbutment Inc.
TruAbutment DS, TruBase2022-07-14
TruAbutment Inc.
TruAbutment DS, TruBase2021-09-15
TruAbutment Inc.
TruAbutment DS, TruBase2021-07-08
TruAbutment Inc.
TruBase S2021-06-04
TruAbutment Inc.
TruAbutment DS, TruBase S2021-03-26
TruAbutment Inc.
URIS OMNI Narrow System & Prosthetic2020-10-07
TruAbutment Inc.
TruAbutment DS2020-06-19
TruAbutment Inc.
TruBase S2018-09-11
TruAbutment Inc.
URIS OMNI System2018-05-04
TruAbutment Inc.
TruAbutment DS2018-01-23

Related Finance Registrations
U.S. Import Records [external site]
Import IDShipmentCargo DescriptionQuantity
2020092254806Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaROLL LABEL1 PKG
2020080668963Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaRACK7 PKG
2020051147294Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaPOLYETHYLENE BAGS 3923 21 00002 PKG
2019091261725Pusan,South Korea -> Los Angeles, CaliforniaCORRUGATED FIBER BOARD PACKING BOX3 PKG
2019070879399Pusan,South Korea -> Los Angeles, CaliforniaPLASTIC BAGS3923 21 00002 PKG
2019061364329Pusan,South Korea -> Los Angeles, CaliforniaPLASTIC BAGS3923 21 00002 PKG
2018072668785Pusan,South Korea -> Long Beach, CaliforniaPACKING BOX1 PKG

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