F18 RLXTN- apricot, chamomile, coffea arabica, coffea cruda, comfrey, crimson monkey, date palm, dill, english elm ing twig, european aspen, filaree, golden eardrops, horse chestnut, humulus lupulus, hypericum perforatum, hypericum perforatum flower, impatiens glandulifera, magnesia phosphorica, mexican pink, mimulus guttatus, nux vomica, oregon grapeholly, passiflora incarnata, scutellaria lateriflora, sweet chestnut, verbena officinalis, watermelon, yerba santa, zincum valerianicum solution/ drops

F18 by

Drug Labeling and Warnings

F18 by is a Homeopathic medication manufactured, distributed, or labeled by Apex Energetics Inc.. Drug facts, warnings, and ingredients follow.

Drug Details [pdf]

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