GUDID 00190776153533

Maryland Dissector Forcep, double action serrated jaws, rotatable with port, tube diameter 5mm WL 460mm (18 1/8")


Rigid endoscopic tissue manipulation forceps, reusable Rigid endoscopic tissue manipulation forceps, reusable Rigid endoscopic tissue manipulation forceps, reusable
Primary Device ID00190776153533
NIH Device Record Keycf1112b1-db3c-4f42-a369-270b566f381f
Commercial Distribution StatusIn Commercial Distribution
Brand NameMillennium
Version Model Number85-25004460
Company DUNS792528510
Device Count1
DM Exemptfalse
Pre-market Exemptfalse
MRI Safety StatusLabeling does not contain MRI Safety Information
Human Cell/Tissue Productfalse
Device Kitfalse
Device Combination Productfalse
Single Usefalse
Lot Batchtrue
Serial Numberfalse
Manufacturing Datefalse
Expiration Datefalse
Donation Id Numberfalse
Contains Natural Rubber Latexfalse
Labeled No Natural Rubber Latexfalse
RX Perscriptiontrue
OTC Over-The-Counterfalse

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Device Identifiers

Device Issuing AgencyDevice ID
GS100190776153533 [Primary]
GS100190776153533 [Primary]
GS100190776153533 [Primary]

FDA Product Code

GEIElectrosurgical, Cutting & Coagulation & Accessories
GEIElectrosurgical, Cutting & Coagulation & Accessories
GEIElectrosurgical, Cutting & Coagulation & Accessories


Steralize Prior To Usetrue
Device Is Sterilefalse


Moist Heat or Steam Sterilization


Moist Heat or Steam Sterilization


Moist Heat or Steam Sterilization

Device Entry Metadata

Public Version StatusNew
Device Record StatusPublished
Public Version Number1
Public Version Date2020-05-19
Device Publish Date2020-05-11

On-Brand Devices [Millennium]

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00190776139612Malis Bipolar Irri., Fcp, Bayo, Ins, 8 3/4" titanium, circular loop tip, 10mm wide
00190776139506Cushing IVD Rongeur, angled up,jaw width 2mm, SL 280mm (11")
00190776139490Frazier Suction Tube, Angled, 9fr, WL 190mm, tube 230mm 9", 285mm overall 11.4", round hole
00190776139483Ferris Smith IVD Rongeur,straight, with teeth, JW 5mm, JL 10mm, SL 180mm(7 1/8")  
00190776139476Cloward Style Vertebra Spreader, #1, Jaw 25.5mm, Open 18mm, TW 3mm (1/8"), OL 110mm (4 3/8")
00190776139421Keyhole Bracket, hole opening 4mm (.157"), silicone, height 25.4mm (1"), OL 38.1mm (1.5")
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00190776139339Chroma-Line Suction Tube, Medium, Red, 5fr, WL 120mm(4 3/4"), OL190mm(7 1/2")
00190776139322Chroma-Line Suction Tube, Medium, Gold, 9fr, WL 120mm(4 3/4"), OL 190mm(7 1/2")
00190776136062Ferris Smith IVD Rongeur, straight,without teeth, jaw width 4mm, SL 230mm (9"), OL 300mm (11 7/8
00190776136055Ejector Rongeur, 40° up, TW 3mm,WL 305mm (12"), OL 375mm (14 3/4")
00190776136017Z-Clamp Straight Handles, slight curv., 16"
00190776135997Zelpi Style Weitlaner Retractor, 83mm (3 1/4") deep, OL 260mm (10 1/4")
00190776135980Micro Kerrison Shaft Only, Rotatable, 40 Degree Up,TW 3 mm, SL 203 mm (8")
00190776135973Lane Bone Forceps, Ratchet, TW 13mm, OL 430mm(16 7/8")
00190776135942Pituitary Rongeur, with micro teething,straight, TW 5mm, SL 200mm (8"),OL 270mm (10 5/8")
00190776135935Pituitary Rongeur, with micro teething,up bite, CW 3mm,  SL 200mm (8"),OL 270mm (10 5/8")
00190776135928Pituitary Rongeur, with micro teething,up bite, TW 5mm, SL 200mm (8"),OL 270mm (10 5/8")
00190776135881McPherson Bipolar Forcep, platform, OL 88.9mm (3"), , TW .5mm
00190776135737Spinal Discectomy Retractor, prong left, OL 170mm (6 5/8") BL 120mm x BW 20mm
00190776135706Spinal Discectomy Retractor, prong right, OL 175mm (6 3/4") BL 120mm x BW 20mm
00190776135683Micro Kerrison, 40 Degree Up, TL 214 mm, TW 1.63 mm, OL 272 mm (11"), Black & Gol
00190776135669Glover Bulldog Clamp, Debakey jaws, straight jaws, with adjusting screw to, regulate tension, OL
00190776135621Zelpi Retractor, 90 degree angle, 4" deep, OL 250mm (9 7/8") 100mm (4") deep prongs
00190776135607Strong Grasping Forcep, Fenestrated, Insulated,Port,Double Action,Diameter5mm, WL 350mm(13 3/4")
00190776135553Cushing IVD Rongeur, straight, JL 10mm, jaw width 2mm, WL 255mm (10"), OL 325mm(12 3/4")
00190776135539Ferris Smith Rongeur, with teeth, jaw width 5mm, SL 303mm (11 7/8"), OL 367mm (14 1/2")
00190776135485Approximator Clamp w/frame, black, vein/artery size, 1.0mm-2.25mm
00190776135430Fourth blade extension, left arm assembly without blade
00190776135393Irrigating Aspirating Needle,12g, Shaft Diameter 5mm, SL 301mm(11 7/8"), OL 334mm(13 1/8")
00190776135362Senning Bulldog Clamp #3, Medium, Light, TW 2.0mm OL 44mm(1 3/4")
00190776135355Smith Peterson Sterilizing, Rack, holds 7 instruments
00190776135317Z-Clamp, Angled Jaw, Straight Handle, TW 5mm, OL 350mm(13 3/4")
00190776135300Z-Clamp, Angled Jaw, Straight Handle, TW 5.5mm, BL 58mm, OL 358mm(14 1/8")
00190776135294Z-Clamp, Straight Jaw, Straight Handle, OL 367mm(14 1/2")
00190776135249McKesson Aspirator Tip, Tube Diameter 3.0mm, OL180mm(7 1/8")
00190776135225Articulating Triangular Retractor, flexible, shaft diameter 5mm, 60 mm working end, SL 340mm
00190776135218Sella Punch, 90 degrees up, Bite 1mm, OL 297mm (11 3/4")
00190776135195Pin Mat, silicone width 333.5mm (13.13"), OL 463.5mm (18 1/4"), Silicone
00190776135133Fan Retractor, 5 fingers, Articulating, w/ port,WL 335mm (13 1/8"), spread 55mm
00190776135126Leksell Rongeur, curved, jaw width 3mm, OL 230mm (9")
00190776135096Hopkins Aorta Clamp, Angled 45degree, TW 2.5mm, JL 70.0mm OL 240mm(9 1/2")
00190776135089Gillespie Obstetrical Forceps, Mirror Finish,OL 380mm(15")

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