Simpact 152-08-650

GUDID 00190837101558

SI Screw, Lag, 8mm x 50mm

Life Spine, Inc.

Interspinous spinal fixation implant
Primary Device ID00190837101558
NIH Device Record Key44f2c681-f4c7-4ee8-9b98-127371db3f53
Commercial Distribution StatusIn Commercial Distribution
Brand NameSimpact
Version Model Number152-08-650
Catalog Number152-08-650
Company DUNS183641617
Company NameLife Spine, Inc.
Device Count1
DM Exemptfalse
Pre-market Exemptfalse
MRI Safety StatusLabeling does not contain MRI Safety Information
Human Cell/Tissue Productfalse
Device Kitfalse
Device Combination Productfalse
Single Usefalse
Lot Batchtrue
Serial Numberfalse
Manufacturing Datefalse
Expiration Datefalse
Donation Id Numberfalse
Contains Natural Rubber Latexfalse
Labeled No Natural Rubber Latexfalse
RX Perscriptiontrue
OTC Over-The-Counterfalse

Device Identifiers

Device Issuing AgencyDevice ID
GS100190837101558 [Primary]

FDA Pre-market Approvals/Notifications & deNovo

FDA Product Code

OURSacroiliac joint fixation


Steralize Prior To Usetrue
Device Is Sterilefalse


Moist Heat or Steam Sterilization

Device Entry Metadata

Public Version StatusNew
Device Record StatusPublished
Public Version Number1
Public Version Date2019-11-27
Device Publish Date2019-11-19

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