GUDID 00813059012623

Diamatrix E-Series Diamond Knife, Clear Corneal, 2.8mm, Angled


Ophthalmic knife, reusable
Primary Device ID00813059012623
NIH Device Record Keyd506038e-0f9f-4040-b7c6-a1821912d5c7
Commercial Distribution StatusIn Commercial Distribution
Brand NameDiamatrix
Version Model NumberN04630
Company DUNS809555139
Company NameDiamatrix
Device Count1
DM Exempttrue
Pre-market Exempttrue
MRI Safety StatusLabeling does not contain MRI Safety Information
Human Cell/Tissue Productfalse
Device Kitfalse
Device Combination Productfalse
Single Usefalse
Lot Batchfalse
Serial Numbertrue
Manufacturing Datefalse
Expiration Datefalse
Donation Id Numberfalse
Contains Natural Rubber Latexfalse
Labeled No Natural Rubber Latexfalse
RX Perscriptiontrue
OTC Over-The-Counterfalse

Device Identifiers

Device Issuing AgencyDevice ID
GS100813059012623 [Primary]

FDA Product Code

HNNKnife, Ophthalmic


Steralize Prior To Usetrue
Device Is Sterilefalse


Moist Heat or Steam Sterilization

Device Entry Metadata

Public Version StatusNew
Device Record StatusPublished
Public Version Number1
Public Version Date2019-11-27
Device Publish Date2019-11-19

On-Brand Devices [Diamatrix]

00813059014955Lewicky Chamber Maintainer 20 Gauge, with grooved shaft, Supplied with Silicone Tubing and Adaptor
00813059014948Utrata-Kershner Capsulorhexis Cystotome Forceps, Angled 11.5mm from bend to tip with extremely thin Sharp triangular grasping tips, Diamond knurled handle with Flat, Guide pin stop for tip alignment, 105mm total length, Titanium
00813059014931Nichamin lid speculum, .039" Heavy stainless wire, This design is intended to lay over the bridge of the nose, 14mm Open Round Blades with wings, 18mm blade spread, 41mm total length, Stainless
00813059014924Thornton Fixation Ring, 16mm fixed complete head, No degree markings on top of ring, Round handle, 110mm total length, Titanium
00813059014917Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Standard Model, Curved, 30mm from screw to blunt tips, Ring style handle, 112mm total length, Stainless
00813059014900Stern-Gills Vannas Scissors, Extra-Thin 10mm curved blades with sharp tips, Three-Hole Scissor-Action Handle, 111mm total length, Stainless
00813059014894Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors, Sharp Pointed tips, Curved 5mm Blades, Serrated Scissor-Action Handle, 90mm total length, Stainless
00813059014887Barraquer Needle Holder, Delicate, Straight shaft 9mm smooth jaws with cutout, Without Lock, Diamond knurled handle, 135mm total length, Stainless
00813059014870Mendez Degree Gauge Outside Diameter 18mm, Inside Diameter 12mm, Ruler markings on top of ring, Titanium
00813059014863Irrigating/Aspirating 90° tip only, 16 Gauge Outer Sleeve, 21 Gauge Closed Inner Cannula tip with .3mm Aspirating Port, 17mm Straight Shaft, Female Connector on Irrigation Line and Male Connecter on Aspirating Line, 37mm total length, Stainless
00813059014856Graether Collar Button Iris retractor and capsule polisher with roughened posterior surface, Straight shaft, Diamond knurled handle, 118mm total length, Stainless
00813059014849Koch Spatula and Nagahara Chopper, Unique double sided instrument, Koch Spatula, .8mm Wide Gently curved shaft with Duckbill-Shaped tip, / Nagahara Chopper, 1.0mm - The cutting edge is offset 60° to cut toward Phaco tip, Angled 10mm from bend to tip, Round knurled Handle, 126mm total length, Stainless Steel
00813059014832Drysdale Nucleus Manipulator, Paddle Shaped tip, Angled 10mm from bend to tip, Round knurled Handle, 112mm total length, Titanium
00813059014825Connor Wand .5mm Ball Shaped tip, Angled 10mm from bend to tip, Round knurled Handle, 115mm total length, Titanium
00813059014818Sheppard Iris Hook, Curved 1.0mm J-Hook tip, Standard flat handle, 123mm total length
00813059014801Sinskey II Lens Manipulating Hook .2mm Diameter blunt tip, Straight Shaft, Diamatrix Signature Feather-Series flat handle, 120mm total length
00813059014795Harms Tying Forceps, Straight shafts, Standard 6mm smooth tying platform, Set for 7-9 sutures, flat handle with hole pattern, 102mm total length, Stainless
00813059014788Kelman-McPherson Tying Forceps, Angled 8mm from bend to tip, 7.5mm smooth tying platform, flat handle with hole pattern, 102mm total length, Stainless
00813059014771Utrata Capsulorrhexis Forceps, Angled 12mm from bend to tip, extremely thin Sharp triangular grasping tips with cross-action serrated platform, Flat serrated handle, 80mm total length, Stainless
00813059014764Bishop-Harmon Dressing Forceps, Criss-Cross Serrated tips, Flat handle with hole pattern, 85mm total length, Stainless
00813059014757Castroviejo Suturing Forceps, .5mm heavy 1x2 teeth, 5.5mm tying platform, Straight shafts, Flat serrated handle with lateral grooves, 109mm total length, Stainless
00813059014740Gold Punctual Plug Forceps, Angled 5mm from bend to pointed blunt tips, Flat handle with hole pattern, 106mm total length, Stainless
00813059013880Toric IOL Reference Marker, Conical Micro-Teeth Positioned at 0, 90, and 180 Degrees, Stainless Steel
00813059013057Diamatrix E-Series Diamond Knife, Shepherd MAC, 2.2mm, Angled
00813059012241Batlle ICL Manipulator, Stainless Steel
00813059012234ICL Loading Forceps, Stainless Steel
00813059014719Cystotome Formed 25 Gauge, with Small Cystotome Sharp Cutting Edge, Angled/Vaulted 12mm from bend to tip, 15mm tip length
00813059014641Corbin Sub-Tenon's Anesthesia Cannula, 23g, Curved, 0.3mm Side Port, Smooth Rounded Tip, Stainless Steel
00813059013972Yalon Hydrodissection Cannula, 25 Gauge, Angled 8mm from bend to tip with irrigation port on the side, 22mm tip length
00813059013958Jensen Posterior Capsule Polisher Cannula, 27 Gauge, Curved shaft, Olive-Shaped tip with very rough posterior sandblasted stainless tip, 28mm tip length
00813059012685Sheets Irr 20ga loop w/Reinforced 14ga, Three Outer Ports @ 10, 12, & 2
00813059012609Diamatrix Economy Short Diamond Knife, 20* Tri-Facet, Fixed Depth
00813059012593Bimanual Irrigating Unit, 21g, Curved, .4mm Dual Port, 111mm Handle
00813059012586Bimanual Irrigating Unit, 21g, Curved, .5mm Dual Port, 111mm Handle
00813059012524Hoffman Irr. Vectis 25ga, 4mm x 14mm, curved w/serrations, 3 x .25mm ports
00813059012500Bimanual Irrigating Unit, 23g, Curved, .3mm Dual Port, 111mm Handle
00813059012463Diamatrix Economy Diamond Knife, 20 Degree Tri-Facet, Fixed Depth
00813059012401Sauter Hydrodissection Cannula, 27 Gauge, with gently curved shaft, Vertically flat spatulated tip, 22mm tip length
00813059012395Wiles Hydrodissection Cannula, 27 Gauge, J-Shaped Cannula, is gently Angled 135° to facilitate Hydrodissection, 21mm tip length
00813059012203Xpand NT Insertion Forceps, Non-Locking
00813059012180Williamson Xpand NT Manipulator, Angled
00813059012173Williamson Xpand NT Manipulator, Straight
00813059015143Lieberman lid speculum, Screw style adjustment for solid precise placement, This design is intended to lay over the temporal, 14mm Open V-Shaped blades with no flair, Titanium
00813059015136Lieberman lid speculum, Screw style adjustment for solid precise placement, This design is intended to lay over the nasal, 14mm Open Square Blades with Flairs, Stainless
00813059015129Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, 19mm straight blades with blunt tips, Ribbon style handle, 96mm total length, Stainless
00813059015112Castroviejo Lacrimal Dilator, Unique double sided instrument, Lacrimal Dilator, Size 1 Fine Taper / Size 2 Medium Taper, Diamond knurled handle, 120mm total length, Stainless
00813059015105Castroviejo Cyclodialysis, Double sided Spatula, .5mm flat Angled/Vaulted 10mm bend// .5mm flat Angled/Vaulted 15mm bend, Flat handle, 135mm total length, Titanium
00813059015099Knolle Nucleus Spatula, .5mm Straight Malleable tip, Round knurled Handle, 127mm total length, Stainless Steel
00813059015082Drysdale Nucleus Manipulator, Paddle Shaped tip with Anterior Capsule Polisher, Angled 10mm from bend to tip, Round knurled Handle, 112mm total length, Stainless Steel

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