Monoplus C0024909

GUDID 04038653995097

MONOPLUS VIOLET 4/0 (1.5) 45CM DS19 (M)


Polyester suture, bioabsorbable, monofilament
Primary Device ID04038653995097
NIH Device Record Key4e857cfc-7064-4f9a-b8a6-396003d47cb6
Commercial Distribution StatusIn Commercial Distribution
Brand NameMonoplus
Version Model NumberC0024909
Catalog NumberC0024909
Company DUNS511268005
Device Count36
DM Exemptfalse
Pre-market Exemptfalse
MRI Safety StatusLabeling does not contain MRI Safety Information
Human Cell/Tissue Productfalse
Device Kitfalse
Device Combination Productfalse
Single Usetrue
Lot Batchtrue
Serial Numberfalse
Manufacturing Datefalse
Expiration Datetrue
Donation Id Numberfalse
Contains Natural Rubber Latexfalse
Labeled No Natural Rubber Latexfalse
RX Perscriptiontrue
OTC Over-The-Counterfalse

Customer Support Contacts


Device Dimensions

Length45 Centimeter

Device Identifiers

Device Issuing AgencyDevice ID
GS104038653995097 [Primary]
GS104045439044696 [Unit of Use]
GS104046955430918 [Package]
Package: Carton [30 Units]
In Commercial Distribution

FDA Product Code



Steralize Prior To Usefalse
Device Is Steriletrue

Device Entry Metadata

Public Version StatusUpdate
Device Record StatusPublished
Public Version Number9
Public Version Date2020-03-16
Device Publish Date2015-08-06

On-Brand Devices [Monoplus]

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04038653930715MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2) 70CM HR37S (M)
04038653930654MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2) 70CM HR26S (M)
04038653930500MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 70CM HR22S (M)
04038653930494MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 70CM HR22S (M)
04038653929979MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 70CM HS37S (M)
04038653929962MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 70CM HS37S (M)
04038653929900MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 70CM HS26S (M)
04038653913732MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 70CM HR40S (M)
04046964370373MONOPLUS VIOLET 4/0(1,5)90CM 2XHRC17M
04046963900144MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 70CM HR26B (M)DD
04046963899943MONOPLUS VIOLET 5/0 (1) 70CM HR17B (M)DD
04046963567408MONOPLUS VIOLET 5/0 (1) 90CM 2XHR17 (M)
04046963313807MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2)90CM 2XHR37(M)
04046963148966MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0(2)90CM 2XHRT26(M)
04046963148782MONOPLUS VIOLET 5/0 (1) 45CM DS19 (M)
04045439071180MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2)70CM DSMP19(M)
04045439059607MONOPLUS VIOLET 4/0(1,5)90CM 2XHR22 (M)
04045439026210MONOPLUS VIOLET 4/0(1,5)90CM 2XHR17(M)
04038653996209MONOPLUS VIOLET 5/0 (1) 70CM DS16 (M)
04038653995967MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 90CM 2XHR26 (M)
04038653995950MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2) 90CM 2XHR26 (M)
04038653995097MONOPLUS VIOLET 4/0 (1.5) 45CM DS19 (M)
04038653957736MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2) 90CM 2XHR30 (M)
04038653948185MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 90CM HS37S (M)
04038653948178MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 90CM HS37S (M)
04038653948147MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 90CM HR37S (M)
04038653931040MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 70CM HRT30 (M)
04038653930982MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2) 70CM HRT22 (M)
04038653930968MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 70CM HRT17 (M)
04038653930951MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2) 70CM HRT17 (M)
04038653930937MONOPLUS VIOLET 5/0 (1) 70CM HRT17 (M)
04038653930869MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 70CM 2XGR65 (M)
04038653930739MONOPLUS VIOLET 0 (3.5) 70CM HR37S (M)
04038653930661MONOPLUS VIOLET 2/0 (3) 70CM HR26S (M)
04038653930531MONOPLUS VIOLET 3/0 (2) 90CM HR26 (M)

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