Safil C1049207

GUDID 04045439032112

SAFIL UNDYED 5/0 (1) 45CM DS12 (M)


Polyester suture, bioabsorbable, multifilament
Primary Device ID04045439032112
NIH Device Record Keyf6508783-144c-46c7-bbfa-83e9d5fa9e82
Commercial Distribution StatusIn Commercial Distribution
Brand NameSafil
Version Model NumberC1049207
Catalog NumberC1049207
Company DUNS511268005
Device Count36
DM Exemptfalse
Pre-market Exemptfalse
MRI Safety StatusLabeling does not contain MRI Safety Information
Human Cell/Tissue Productfalse
Device Kitfalse
Device Combination Productfalse
Single Usetrue
Lot Batchtrue
Serial Numberfalse
Manufacturing Datefalse
Expiration Datetrue
Donation Id Numberfalse
Contains Natural Rubber Latexfalse
Labeled No Natural Rubber Latexfalse
RX Perscriptiontrue
OTC Over-The-Counterfalse

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Device Dimensions

Device Size Text, specify0

Device Identifiers

Device Issuing AgencyDevice ID
GS104045439032112 [Primary]
GS104046963065898 [Unit of Use]

FDA Product Code



Steralize Prior To Usefalse
Device Is Steriletrue

Device Entry Metadata

Public Version StatusUpdate
Device Record StatusPublished
Public Version Number10
Public Version Date2020-01-16
Device Publish Date2015-08-17

On-Brand Devices [Safil]

04045439033249SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 45CM DSMP16 (M)
04045439033126SAFIL UNDYED 1 (4) 90CM HR30 (M)
04045439033034SAFIL UNDYED 1 (4) 70CM HS23 (M)
04045439032327SAFIL UNDYED 0 (3,5) 70CM DS30 (M)
04038653943180SAFIL VIOLET 4/0 (1.5) 35CM 2XGR19 (M)
04038653939480SAFIL VIOLET 0 (3.5) 90CM HS48 (M)
04046963938703SAFIL VIOLET 0 (3,5) 6X45CM
04046963110734SAFIL VIOLET 1 (4) 90CM HR30SS (M)
04045439033652SAFIL UNDYED 6/0 (0,7) 45CM DSMP11 (M)
04045439033447SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 70CM DSMP24 (M)
04045439033287SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 70CM DSMP19 (M)
04045439032648SAFIL UNDYED 3/0 (2) 70CM DSMP16 (M)
04045439032624SAFIL UNDYED 5/0 (1) 70CM DSMP16 (M)
04045439032167SAFIL UNDYED 5/0 (1) 45CM DS19 (M)
04045439019601SAFIL VIOLET 2/0(3)4X45CM HR26S TO (M)
04038653954568SAFIL VIOLET 6/0 (0.7) 45CM 2XHLM8 (M)
04038653947577SAFIL VIOLET 4/0 (1.5) 70CM DSMP19 (M)
04038653947386SAFIL VIOLET 4/0 (1.5) 45CM 2XVLM8 (M)
04038653935826SAFIL VIOLET 1 (4) 70CM HR17S (M)
04038653933945SAFIL VIOLET 6/0 (0.7) 3X45CM
04038653933549SAFIL VIOLET 2 (5) 4X45CM HR48 (M) TO
04038653933525SAFIL VIOLET 1 (4) 4X45CM HR48 (M) TO
04038653933068SAFIL VIOLET 2 (5) 4X70CM HR26S (M) TO
04038653933044SAFIL VIOLET 1 (4) 4X70CM HR26S (M) TO
04038653932122SAFIL VIOLET 0 (3.5) 150CM HRT43S(M)LOOP
04045439058747SAFIL VIOLET 4/0 (1,5) 70CM HR20 (M)
04045439034567SAFIL UNDYED 6/0 (0,7) 45CM 2XVLM8 (M)
04045439034017SAFIL UNDYED 7/0 (0,5) 45CM 2XDSMP7(M)
04045439033881SAFIL UNDYED 1 (4) 90CM HRT37 (M)
04045439033829SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 45CM DSMP24 (M)
04045439033768SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 45CM DSMP19 (M)
04045439033737SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 45CM DSMP13 (M)
04045439033713SAFIL UNDYED 6/0 (0,7) 45CM DSMP13 (M)
04045439033430SAFIL UNDYED 2/0 (3) 70CM DSMP24 (M)
04045439033140SAFIL UNDYED 0 (3,5) 70CM HS30 (M)
04045439033102SAFIL UNDYED 1 (4) 70CM HRT26S (M)
04045439033089SAFIL UNDYED 2/0 (3) 70CM HS26 (M)
04045439032662SAFIL UNDYED 5/0 (1) 70CM DS12 (M)
04045439032655SAFIL UNDYED 6/0 (0,7) 70CM DS12 (M)
04045439032631SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 70CM DSMP16 (M)
04045439032419SAFIL UNDYED 4/0 (1,5) 70CM GS51 (M)
04045439032112SAFIL UNDYED 5/0 (1) 45CM DS12 (M)
04045439031993SAFIL UNDYED 0 (3,5) 90CM DS30 (M)
04045439031108SAFIL UNDYED 1 (4) 4X45CM HR37S TO (M)
04045439019427SAFIL VIOLET 3/0(2)4X70CM HR22 TO(M)
04045439017584SAFIL VIOLET 0 (3.5) 4X70CM HR37S (M) TO
04045439017560SAFIL VIOLET 3/0 (2) 4X70CM HR26 (M) TO
04038653954575SAFIL VIOLET 5/0 (1) 45CM 2XHLM8 (M)
04038653948444SAFIL VIOLET 1 (4) 70CM HR26SS (M)
04038653947348SAFIL VIOLET 6/0 (0.7) 45CM 2XVLM8 (M)

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