NDC 0363-1086

Cherry Cough Drops


Cherry Cough Drops is a Oral Lozenge in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Walgreen Co.. The primary component is Menthol.

Product ID0363-1086_76e01315-e2ea-0587-e053-2991aa0ab00f
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary NameCherry Cough Drops
Generic NameMenthol
Dosage FormLozenge
Route of AdministrationORAL
Marketing Start Date2016-06-05
Application Numberpart341
Labeler NameWalgreen Co.
Substance NameMENTHOL
Active Ingredient Strength6 mg/1
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2019-12-31


NDC 0363-1086-30

30 LOZENGE in 1 BAG (0363-1086-30)
Marketing Start Date2016-06-05
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

NDC SPL Data Element Entries

NDC 0363-1086-30 [00363108630]

Cherry Cough Drops LOZENGE
Marketing CategoryOTC monograph final
Application Numberpart341
Marketing Start Date2016-06-05

Drug Details

Active Ingredients

MENTHOL5.8 mg/1

OpenFDA Data

SPL SET ID:47f38e79-c730-21b9-e054-00144ff88e88
RxNorm Concept Unique ID - RxCUI
  • 476973
  • UPC Code
  • 0311917159126
  • NDC Crossover Matching brand name "Cherry Cough Drops" or generic name "Menthol"

    NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
    0363-1086Cherry Cough DropsMenthol
    68016-042cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    72036-035cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    75981-003Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    10202-021cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    11673-035Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    15127-014Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    21130-307Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    21130-290Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    33992-1011cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    33992-1018Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    36800-815cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    41163-038cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    41415-008Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    41250-113Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    41250-151cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    41250-152cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    41520-039cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    41520-044cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    42681-6514Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    49035-012cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    50594-039Cherry cough dropsCherry cough drops
    52642-043Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    53943-026Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    53942-087Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    55301-035Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    55315-031Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    55315-032Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    55319-007cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    55319-021Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    55910-052Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    59779-655cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    63868-061cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    63940-091cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    63941-049Cherry Cough DropsCherry Cough Drops
    67091-301cherry cough dropscherry cough drops
    0363-1071Cherry Cough DropMenthol
    0363-0150Cool n Heat Patch for Arm, Neck and LegMenthol
    0363-0152Cool n Heat Patch for BackMenthol
    0363-1072Honey Lemon Cough DropMenthol
    0363-1087Honey Lemon Cough DropMenthol
    0219-0203Humphreys Bendito Alcoholadomenthol
    0363-1070Menthol Cough Dropmenthol
    0363-1084Menthol Cough Dropmenthol
    0067-2067Mineral IceMenthol
    0316-0226Mineral IceMenthol
    0316-0290Mineral Ice Quick Dry FoamMenthol
    0363-0151Pain Relieving PatchMenthol
    0363-1077SF Honey Lemon Cough DropMenthol
    0363-1085SF Menthol Cough DropMenthol

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