NDC 0395-9136

Povidone Iodine

Povidone Iodine Oral Rinse 0.5%

Povidone Iodine is a Topical Liquid in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Humco Holding Group, Inc.. The primary component is Povidone-iodine.

Product ID0395-9136_b83dbdd1-ff62-caf8-e053-2a95a90a5764
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary NamePovidone Iodine
Generic NamePovidone Iodine Oral Rinse 0.5%
Dosage FormLiquid
Route of AdministrationTOPICAL
Marketing Start Date2021-01-06
Application Numberpart333A
Labeler NameHumco Holding Group, Inc.
Active Ingredient Strength5 mg/mL
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2022-12-31


NDC 0395-9136-98

237 mL in 1 CONTAINER (0395-9136-98)
Marketing Start Date2021-01-06
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

Drug Details

NDC Crossover Matching brand name "Povidone Iodine" or generic name "Povidone Iodine Oral Rinse 0.5%"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
0395-9123Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine 10%
0395-9128Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine Gargle 0.5%
0395-9129Povidone IodinePovidone-Iodine Spray 5%
0395-9136Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine Oral Rinse 0.5%
0904-1103povidone iodinepovidone iodine
24385-053Povidone Iodinepovidone-iodine
34645-1029Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
34645-1043Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
34645-4009Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
34645-4059Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
34645-4188Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
41163-052Povidone Iodinepovidone-iodine
44019-236POVIDONE IODINEpovidone-iodine
49738-050Povidone Iodinepovidone-iodine
49953-1893Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
49953-2805Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
67777-100povidone iodinepovidone iodine
68183-116Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
68345-863Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
68786-130Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
68786-140Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
50730-8230Povidone IodinePovidone Iodine
28691-1000Cure-Aid POVI Adhesive BandagePovidone Iodine
47593-483ECOLABPovidone Iodine
47593-484ECOLABPovidone Iodine
47066-402Foam SafePovidone Iodine
10819-3890PDI Duo-Swab Povidone-IodinePovidone Iodine
34645-1028Povidone Iodine ImpregnatedPovidone Iodine
34645-1030Povidone Iodine ImpregnatedPovidone Iodine
34645-1031Povidone Iodine ImpregnatedPovidone Iodine
34645-1032Povidone Iodine ImpregnatedPovidone Iodine
34645-4010Povidone Iodine ImpregnatedPovidone Iodine
34645-4020Povidone Iodine ImpregnatedPovidone Iodine
34645-1044Povidone Iodine ScrubPovidone Iodine
34645-4021Povidone Iodine Surgical ScrubPovidone Iodine
50425-010Scrub Care Povidone Iodine Cleansing Scrubpovidone iodine
12745-146ScrubidinePOVIDONE IODINE
12745-144SurgicidePOVIDONE IODINE

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