NDC 52232-107

Pro1tek Hand Sanitizer Gel

Ethyl Alcohol 70%

Pro1tek Hand Sanitizer Gel is a Topical Liquid in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Priority Environmental Solutions Inc.. The primary component is Alcohol.

Product ID52232-107_e53085e4-89da-2af9-e053-2995a90ac0c5
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary NamePro1tek Hand Sanitizer Gel
Generic NameEthyl Alcohol 70%
Dosage FormLiquid
Route of AdministrationTOPICAL
Marketing Start Date2022-08-01
Application Numberpart333A
Labeler NamePriority Environmental Solutions Inc.
Substance NameALCOHOL
Active Ingredient Strength2650 mL/3785mL
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2023-12-31


NDC 52232-107-60

3785 mL in 1 BOTTLE (52232-107-60)
Marketing Start Date2022-08-01
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

Drug Details

NDC Crossover Matching brand name "Pro1tek Hand Sanitizer Gel" or generic name "Ethyl Alcohol 70%"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
52232-106Pro1tek Hand Sanitizer GelEthyl Alcohol 70%
52232-107Pro1tek Hand Sanitizer GelEthyl Alcohol 70%
67510-0132Advanced Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
67510-2134Advanced Hand Sanitizer SinglesEthyl Alcohol 70%
42669-070Advanced Hand SanitizerRefreshinEthyl Alcohol 70%
61470-001Amerigel Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
62476-005Aquabain Instant Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
70994-332Green Goo Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
70994-333Green Goo Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
70994-334Green Goo Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
70994-335Green Goo Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
70994-336Green Goo Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
70994-337Green Goo Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
78185-001Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-002Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-003Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-004Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-005Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-006Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-007Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
78185-009Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78635-100Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
64990-611Isomers Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
78185-010LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-012LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-013LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-014LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-015LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-016LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-017LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-018LORO Hand SanitizerETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
78185-008LORO Hand Sanitizer Anti-Bacterial GelETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
73182-101Pharmaint Gel Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
52232-103Pro1tek Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
52232-105Pro1tek Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
52232-104Pro1tek Hand Sanitizer GallonEthyl Alcohol 70%
77302-001PuriciaETHYL ALCOHOL 70%
55346-3302San-EZ Hand SanitizerEthyl Alcohol 70%
78194-000Sanityzer for AllEthyl Alcohol 70%

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