NDC 69842-705

Tussin Cough Non-Drowsy

Dextromethorphan Hbr

Tussin Cough Non-Drowsy is a Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Cvs Pharmacy. The primary component is Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide.

Product ID69842-705_0723e32d-eec6-41cf-9902-82ebcd915c23
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary NameTussin Cough Non-Drowsy
Generic NameDextromethorphan Hbr
Dosage FormCapsule, Liquid Filled
Route of AdministrationORAL
Marketing Start Date2020-10-09
Marketing CategoryOTC MONOGRAPH FINAL /
Application Numberpart341
Labeler NameCVS Pharmacy
Active Ingredient Strength15 mg/1
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2021-12-31


NDC 69842-705-09

1 BOTTLE in 1 PACKAGE (69842-705-09) > 20 CAPSULE, LIQUID FILLED in 1 BOTTLE
Marketing Start Date2020-10-09
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

Drug Details

NDC Crossover Matching brand name "Tussin Cough Non-Drowsy" or generic name "Dextromethorphan Hbr"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
21130-383Adult Cough Relief DMDextromethorphan HBr
41520-454Childrens Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
0363-0500CoughDextromethorphan HBr
15127-661Cough ControlDextromethorphan HBr
46122-426Cough Gelsdextromethorphan HBr
15127-309Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
24385-262Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
24385-263Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
33992-0666Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
36800-454Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
36800-509Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
41520-308Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
46122-324Cough ReliefDextromethorphan HBr
49580-0454Cough Relief GrapeDextromethorphan HBr
53345-011Dextromethorphan HBr 15 mgDextromethorphan HBr
53345-028Dextromethorphan HBr 15 mgDextromethorphan HBr
0395-9126Father Johns MedicineDextromethorphan HBr
45728-444Father Johns MedicineDextromethorphan HBr
0536-1068Robafen CoughDextromethorphan HBr
21130-635Signature Care Daytime CoughDextromethorphan HBr
53943-661Tussin Cough GelsDextromethorphan HBr
41520-383Tussin Cough Long ActingDextromethorphan HBr
49580-0383Tussin Long Acting CoughDextromethorphan HBr
0363-6610Wal-TussinDextromethorphan HBr

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