NDC 70000-0027

leader milk of magnesia

Magnesium Hydroxide

leader milk of magnesia is a Oral Suspension in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Cardinal Health. The primary component is Magnesium Hydroxide.

Product ID70000-0027_85704f8c-0521-44ce-84a9-565c140764d0
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary Nameleader milk of magnesia
Generic NameMagnesium Hydroxide
Dosage FormSuspension
Route of AdministrationORAL
Marketing Start Date2020-01-29
Application Numberpart334
Labeler NameCardinal Health
Active Ingredient Strength1200 mg/15mL
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2021-12-31


NDC 70000-0027-1

355 mL in 1 BOTTLE (70000-0027-1)
Marketing Start Date2020-01-29
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

Drug Details

NDC Crossover Matching brand name "leader milk of magnesia" or generic name "Magnesium Hydroxide"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
0113-7332basic care milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41520-396careone milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41520-949careone milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
69842-912CVS Health ChildrensMagnesium hydroxide
55910-396dg health milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41167-0291DulcolaxMagnesium hydroxide
41167-0292DulcolaxMagnesium hydroxide
41163-332Equaline milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41163-396equaline milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41163-949equaline milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
24385-332good neighbor pharmacy milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
24385-396Good Neighbor Pharmacy milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0113-0332good sense milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0113-0396Good Sense milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0113-0949Good Sense Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
69256-332Harris Teeter Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
55316-396Healthy Accents milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
55316-949Healthy Accents Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0395-1670Humco Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
37205-833Leader Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
37205-834leader milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
49781-040Leader Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
70000-0483leader milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
70000-0484leader milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
70000-0027leader milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
53145-060MagmexMagnesium hydroxide
21695-903Magnesium HydroxideMagnesium Hydroxide
58599-058Medibest Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
0121-0431Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
0363-0332Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0363-0647MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
0363-0649MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
0363-0847Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
0363-0949Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0363-4193Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0904-6756milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0904-6757milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
11822-3329MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
21130-994Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
21130-995Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
21130-996Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
24451-788Milk of MagnesiaMAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE
30142-332milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
30142-396Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
37012-332Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
37012-396milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
37012-949Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
37808-332milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
37808-396milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
37808-949milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41250-332milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41250-949Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
42507-332milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
42507-396Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
42507-949Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
46122-437MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
49035-636MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
49035-649MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
49738-960Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
50090-2887Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
53807-125Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
53807-401Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
53943-997Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
53943-998Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
53943-999Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
55315-647MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
55315-649MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
55319-647MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
55319-648MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
56062-949Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
58602-321Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
58602-322Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
58602-323Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
59779-332milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
59779-396milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
59779-949milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
61715-131Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
63941-647MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
63941-648MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
63941-649MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
66689-053Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
68016-469MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
69842-278MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
72036-005Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
56062-727milk of magnesiamagnesium hydroxide
0904-6840Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
0904-6846Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
55154-4061Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
37808-026Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
37808-028Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium Hydroxide
0363-1648MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
11822-0399MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
46122-435MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
55315-648MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
55319-548Milk of Magnesia cherryMagnesium Hydroxide
57896-648MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
63868-310MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
68016-468MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
69842-318MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
69842-332MILK OF MAGNESIA CHERRYmagnesium hydroxide
0363-0738Milk of Magnesia MintMagnesium Hydroxide
0536-2470MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
0904-0789MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
46122-436MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
55319-738Milk of Magnesia MintMagnesium Hydroxide
57896-647MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
62011-0123MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
63868-788MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
68016-081Milk of Magnesia MintMagnesium Hydroxide
68016-647MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
70518-0657MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
0904-0788MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
17856-0788MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
57896-649MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
62011-0124MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
63868-787MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
64725-0649MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
68016-078Milk of Magnesia OriginalMagnesium Hydroxide
68788-9771MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
68016-104Milk of Magnesia Wild CherryMAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE
56062-332mintMagnesium hydroxide
56062-396OriginalMagnesium hydroxide
0132-0655Pedia-LaxMagnesium hydroxide
41190-332shoprite milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
41190-396shoprite milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
50594-015Sound Body Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
70677-0044SUNMARK MILK OF MAGNESIAmagnesium hydroxide
49348-305SUNMARK MILK OF MAGNESIA MINTmagnesium hydroxide
49348-171SUNMARK MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
70677-0043SUNMARK MILK OF MAGNESIA ORIGINALmagnesium hydroxide
36800-332Topcare Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
36800-396Topcare Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
36800-949TopCare Milk of MagnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
0363-9129Walgreens ChildrensMagnesium hydroxide

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