NDC 71141-622

Diaper Rash

Zinc Oxide

Diaper Rash is a Topical Cream in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Lidl Us, Llc. The primary component is Zinc Oxide.

Product ID71141-622_b8f7dfb6-18fa-4abe-8b1c-bb2f4af8153a
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary NameDiaper Rash
Generic NameZinc Oxide
Dosage FormCream
Route of AdministrationTOPICAL
Marketing Start Date2022-11-15
Marketing CategoryOTC MONOGRAPH FINAL /
Application Numberpart347
Labeler NameLidl US, LLC
Substance NameZINC OXIDE
Active Ingredient Strength130 mg/g
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2023-12-31


NDC 71141-622-26

1 TUBE in 1 CARTON (71141-622-26) > 113 g in 1 TUBE
Marketing Start Date2022-11-15
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

Drug Details

NDC Crossover Matching brand name "Diaper Rash" or generic name "Zinc Oxide"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
71141-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
0869-0020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
0869-0226Diaper RashDiaper Rash
11673-226Diaper RashDiaper Rash
11673-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
30142-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
36800-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
37808-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
41250-412Diaper RashDiaper Rash
49035-952Diaper RashDiaper Rash
49035-001Diaper RashDiaper Rash
55301-220Diaper RashDiaper Rash
55910-148Diaper RashDiaper Rash
55910-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
55910-826Diaper RashDiaper Rash
59970-045Diaper RashDiaper Rash
59779-827Diaper RashDiaper Rash
63940-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
63940-226Diaper RashDiaper Rash
63941-418Diaper RashDiaper Rash
63941-318Diaper RashDiaper Rash
64024-020Diaper RashDiaper Rash
67510-0502Diaper RashDiaper Rash
67510-1502Diaper RashDiaper Rash
0316-2082Blue Lizard Active SPF 50zinc oxide
0316-2011Blue Lizard Baby SPF 50zinc oxide
0316-2012Blue Lizard Kids SPF 50zinc oxide
0316-2081Blue Lizard Kids SPF 50zinc oxide
0316-2013Blue Lizard Sensitive SPF 50zinc oxide
0316-2083Blue Lizard Sensitive SPF 50zinc oxide
0316-2080Blue Lizard Sport SPF 50zinc oxide
0132-0194BoudreauxsZinc Oxide
0132-0323BoudreauxsZinc Oxide
0132-0324BoudreauxsZinc Oxide
0132-0333BoudreauxsZinc Oxide
0132-0334BoudreauxsZinc Oxide
0132-0325Boudreauxs Rash Kicking KitZinc oxide
0299-4110Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Face Liquid Sunscreen SPF 50zinc oxide
0178-0330DR SMITHS DIAPERZinc Oxide
0178-0340Dr Smiths Diaper RashZinc Oxide
0178-0345Dr Smiths Diaper RashZinc Oxide
0178-0348Dr Smiths Diaper RashZinc Oxide
0178-0370Dr. Smiths Rash and SkinZinc Oxide
0363-0402Walgreen Maximum Strength Diaper RashZINC OXIDE
0363-0994Walgreens 50 Baby Mineral SunscreenZinc Oxide
0363-0988Walgreens SPF 50 Mineral SunscreenZINC OXIDE
0363-4008Walgreens SunscreenSPF 45 SPF 45ZINC OXIDE
0363-6771Walgreens Zinc OxideZinc Oxide

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