NDC 71351-018

Lidocaine HCl

Lidocaine Hcl

Lidocaine HCl is a Topical Cream in the Human Otc Drug category. It is labeled and distributed by Brookfield Pharmaceuticals, Llc. The primary component is Lidocaine Hydrochloride.

Product ID71351-018_97b5a1f3-6d95-216c-e053-2a95a90aa189
Product TypeHuman Otc Drug
Proprietary NameLidocaine HCl
Generic NameLidocaine Hcl
Dosage FormCream
Route of AdministrationTOPICAL
Marketing Start Date2019-11-14
Application Numberpart348
Labeler NameBrookfield Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Active Ingredient Strength0 g/g
NDC Exclude FlagN
Listing Certified Through2020-12-31


NDC 71351-018-03

1 TUBE in 1 CARTON (71351-018-03) > 85 g in 1 TUBE
Marketing Start Date2019-11-14
NDC Exclude FlagN
Sample Package?N

Drug Details

Active Ingredients


NDC Crossover Matching brand name "Lidocaine HCl" or generic name "Lidocaine Hcl"

NDCBrand NameGeneric Name
41250-093Aloe Vera GelLidocaine HCl
63941-005Aloe Vera GelLidocaine HCl
54859-415Amino Rip Muscle Pain ReliefLidocaine HCl
61715-022Burn ReliefPreferred Plus PhLidocaine HCl
56062-942burnreliefLidocaine HCl
24909-701CBD Clinic - Mild Pain TherapyLidocaine HCL
24909-721CBD Medic - Odor-Free Serious ReliefLidocaine HCL
65008-005ComfortcaineLidocaine HCL
0363-8897Cooling GelLidocaine HCl
59779-670CVS Burn Relief w/Lido 8ozLidocaine HCl
69842-980CVS Health Lidocaine Pain ReliefLidocaine HCl
69842-921CVS LidocaineLidocaine HCl
70188-005Derma Numb Pain ReliefLidocaine HCL
70188-004DermaNumb Anesthetic GelLidocaine HCL
70188-001DermaNumb Tattoo AnestheticLidocaine HCL
70188-002DermaNumb Tattoo Anesthetic GelLidocaine HCL
55910-759DG Health Pain RelievingLidocaine HCl
54859-513Dologesic Roll-OnLidocaine Hcl
69804-003Extra Strength AfterTATlidocaine HCL
69804-052Extra Strength First Aidlidocaine hcl
69804-053Extra Strength First Aidlidocaine hcl
69804-029extra strength foot care liquid gellidocaine hcl
69804-023Extra Strength Liquid Bedsore Relief GelLidocaine HCL
69804-026Extra Strength Liquid Burn Relief Gellidocaine hcl
69804-024Extra Strength Liquid Hemorrhoid Relief GelLidocaine HCL
69804-025Extra Strength Liquid Insect Bite Relief GelLidocaine HCL
69804-022Extra Strength Liquid Numbing GelLidocaine HCL
69804-027Extra Strength Naturally HL Foot Carelidocaine hcl
69804-028extra strength naturally hl foot carelidocaine hcl
69804-031extra strength naturally hl hand carelidocaine hcl
69804-032extra strength naturally hl hand carelidocaine hcl
69804-033extra strength naturally hl itch relieflidocaine hcl
69804-034extra strength naturally hl itch relieflidocaine hcl
69804-035extra strength naturally hl itch relieflidocaine hcl
69804-040extra strength naturally hl sunburn relieflidocaine hcl
69804-041extra strength naturally hl sunburn relieflidocaine hcl
69804-036Extra Strength Naturally HL Warming Icelidocaine hcl
69804-038extra strength naturally hl warming icelidocaine hcl
69804-078Extra Strength Numbify Anorectallidocaine hcl
69804-079Extra Strength Numbify Anorectallidocaine hcl
69804-081Extra Strength Numbify Anorectallidocaine hcl
69804-021Extra Strength Numbing GelLidocaine HCL
69804-058Extra Strength Postherpetic Neuralgialidocaine HCL
69804-057Extra Strength Postherpetic Neuralgia CareLidocaine HCL
69804-059Extra Strength Postherpetic Neuralgia ReliefLidocaine HCL
69804-042extra strength postpartum relieflidocaine hcl
69804-043extra strength postpartum relieflidocaine hcl
69804-044Extra Strength Postpartum Relieflidocaine hcl
69804-002Extra Strength PreTATLidocaine HCL
69804-018Extra Strength PreTATLidocaine HCL
69804-019Extra Strength PreTATLidocaine HCL
69804-045Extra Strength Pruritis Carelidocaine hcl
69804-046Extra Strength Pruritis Relieflidocaine hcl
69804-047Extra Strength Pruritis Relieflidocaine hcl
69804-063Extra Strength Scar PreventionLidocaine HCL
69804-064Extra Strength Scar PreventionLidocaine HCL
69804-065Extra Strength Scar PreventionLidocaine HCL
69804-060Extra Strength Shingle Chickenpox ReliefLidocaine HCL
69804-061Extra Strength Shingles Chickenpox ReliefLidocaine HCL
69804-062Extra Strength Shingles Chickenpox ReliefLidocaine HCL
69804-048Extra Strength Skin Repairlidocaine hcl
69804-049Extra Strength Skin Repairlidocaine hcl
69804-050Extra Strength Skin repairlidocaine hcl
69804-051Extra Strength Skin Repairlidocaine hcl
69804-039extra strength sunburn relieflidocaine hcl
69804-054Extra Strength Wound Carelidocaine hcl
69804-055Extra Strength Wound Carelidocaine hcl
69804-056Extra Strength Wound Carelidocaine hcl
71436-0024FOOT HANGOVERLidocaine HCL
70281-618GoodSense Burn Relief GelLidocaine HCl
63788-114Lido AIDLidocaine HCL
63788-115Lido E.R.CREME ROLL ONLidocaine HCL
43305-1030LIDOCAINE HClLidocaine Hydrochloride and Epinephrine Bitartrate
59088-997Lidocaine HClLidocaine HCl
71351-018Lidocaine HClLidocaine HCl
51715-001LidocollLidocaine HCL
44577-704LidoStatLIDOCAINE HCL
10742-8386Mentholatum Lidocaine HeatLidocaine HCl
69804-008Naturally HL Extra Strength Bedsore NumbingLidocaine HCL
69804-010Naturally HL Extra Strength Burn NumbingLidocaine HCL
69804-030Naturally HL Extra Strength Hand Carelidocaine hcl
69804-014Naturally HL Extra Strength Hemorrhoid NumbingLidocaine HCL
69804-016Naturally HL Extra Strength Insect Bite NumbingLidocaine HCL
69804-012Naturally HL Extra Strength NumbingLidocaine HCL
69804-066Numbify Tropical GoldLidocaine HCL
69804-067Numbify Tropical GoldLidocaine HCL
69804-068Numbify Tropical GoldLidocaine HCL
69804-069Numbify Tropical GoldLidocaine HCL
36800-740Pain ReliefLidocaine HCl
11822-1116Pain Relief Roll-onLidocaine HCl
50804-774Pain Relief Roll-onLidocaine HCl
64048-3333Pain Relief Roll-onLidocaine HCl
54723-150PredatorLidocaine HCL
56062-701Publix Burn ReliefLIDOCAINE HCL
56062-702Publix Burn ReliefLIDOCAINE HCL
66977-107REGENECARE HAlidocaine HCl
66977-117REGENECARE HAlidocaine HCl
73356-050RelivBlissLidocaine HCl
15127-002Select Brand Burn ReliefLIDOCAINE HCL
69804-074Sore Relieflidocaine hcl
69804-075Sore relieflidocaine hcl
69804-076sore relieflidocaine hcl
69804-077Sore Relieflidocaine hcl
0869-0005Sunburn Relief GelLidocaine HCl
72288-005Sunburn Relief GelLidocaine HCl
69842-909Sunburn Relief GelLidocaine HCl
69804-070Superior pain and itch relieflidocaine hcl
69804-071Superior pain and itch relieflidocaine hcl
69804-072superior pain and itch relieflidocaine hcl
69804-073Superior pain and itch relieflidocaine hcl
89076-1095Topical Pain ReliefLidocaine HCl
72085-145Totally Fun After SunLidocaine HCL
76420-449XOLIDOLidocaine HCl
76420-451XOLIDOLidocaine HCl
52584-486XylocaineLidocaine HCl
69804-007Yowch extra strength for insect bites and stingslidocaine hcl
69804-006Yowch Extra Strength for minor burnsLidocaine HCL
69804-005Yowch for insect bites and stings by Pain Balmlidocaine hcl
69804-004Yowch for minor burns by Pain Balmlidocaine hcl

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